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Brief Synopsis. Thespis or The Gods Grown Old, Gilbert and Sullivan's first collaboration written in 1871, was not particularly successful, and although Gilbert's libretto was preserved among his collected writings, most of the music was lost. Fortunately for lovers of G&S, Kingsley Day has created a brilliant score in the Sullivan style for all of the missing music. The topsy-turvy plot features a wandering theatrical troupe that accidentally climbs Mt. Olympus and discovers the aging Greek gods, who are weary of their roles and ask the troupe to take over while they "go below" for some rest and recreation. Unfortunately, most of the players are horribly miscast (a timid pacifist becomes the god of war, a teetotaler becomes the god of wine, etc.) and the gods are forced to return and resume their duties to avoid disastrous consequences for the world below.

Available Roles include the following:

Jupiter (bass/baritone, A2-Eb4), aged deity
Apollo (tenor, B2-A4), aged deity
Mars (baritone, A2-Eb4), aged deity
Sparkeion (tenor/baritenor, C3-G4), romantic lead in the acting troupe, engaged to Nicemis
Sillimon (bass/baritone, G2-E4), genial stage manager of the acting troupe
Timidon (baritone, D3-Eb4), timid actor
Tipseion, Preposteros, Stupidas, and Cymon (dialogue, no solo singing), members of the acting troupe

Diana (contralto/mezzo, A3-E5), aged deity
Mercury (mezzo, G3-F#5), petite deity, a "trousers role" (should be plausible playing a "boy")
Nicemis (soprano, Bb3-A5), ingenue in the acting troupe, engaged to Sparkeion
Daphne (mezzo, Bb3-F5), Nicemis's romantic rival, member of the acting troupe
Pretteia (dialogue, no solo singing), member of the acting troupe

Mixed chorus of acting troupe members


Rehearsal schedules are constructed after casting so as to maximize full participation. Rehearsals generally start in mid-to-late August and typically are held on weekend afternoons and weekday evenings, with usually no more than 3 or 4 rehearsals a week for any particular person until the last couple of weeks before we open. You can always ask the director more specific schedule questions at the auditions.

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